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About Us

DSC_0531Demand Engineering was started in 2011, by our current Managing Director, Exhaust Guru and Engineering Graduate, Dan Dew.

Ever since then, we’ve been on an epic ride to become one of the industry’s most innovational and inspired businesses. We love what we do.

At our premises in Stonham Aspal, Suffolk we have made exhausts and components that have ended up all over the world. Our workers are passionate skilled people with an eye for detail.

Dan’s vision from the beginning was a range of hand crafted products based on a strong foundation of knowledge – the science behind an exhaust. To this end, you don’t just get an exhaust when you come to Demand, you get quality advice on exhaust design, always based on your requirements. Just don’t get him started on the theory of scavenging and wave reflection. If you need a manifold, he’s your guy.

Since the beginning we’ve had strong links with Longlife Exhausts, and we spearhead their brand throughout East Anglia. We can custom build an exhaust for almost anything, and through the Longlife Network, the products we turn out are backed up by a forever warranty. They’re the only guys that do this.


From the Mandrel Bender we have a strong line of Stainless Steel Mandrel Bends that are sold through our online shop, and have always got stock ready to be shipped out to trade or public.

Currently we are on a mission to develop our own Production exhaust systems, which will be sold fitted or not. Concentrating initially on the Land Rover Marque, with a unique Demand twist, the first few systems are nearly ready for market.

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