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Custom Exhausts

So you’ve decided that you need a new exhaust, you’ve come to the right place.  Here at Demand, that’s what we do. Head to tail.

Stainless Steel

Some of our customers are after an exhaust which lasts.DSC_0710

Fed up of aftermarket and original equipment mild steel exhausts that rot? Stainless Steel Sir.

Can’t get that Pattern exhaust for your Subaru?Have a custom one built from T304 stainless, cheaper than the dealer would sell you an original one.

Perhaps you don’t need an entire exhaust. We can replace Cats, Flanges, broken joints and flexible couplings. Because we make everything to do with an exhaust, if budget is a question, we can replace what is required, and not the entire section, saving you money.



A lot oDSCF4832f our customers want something different. A vehicle can say a lot about you as an individual, and perhaps you’d like an exhaust as unique as your car.

The way that we craft an exhaust, you can choose what it sounds like and you can choose what it looks like.

We can build that stack you wanted, replace those rotten side pipes on your pride and joy. We can change the back box and fit tailpipes that you’ve chosen from one of more than 60 different designs available to us.

Perhaps we can help fit that new engine or turbo that you’ve been wanting, by making the downpipes precisely fitting to your car. We can finish that kit car for you, or perhaps we can make your bike sound like a screaming banshee if that’s what you want. 🙂

Dreamed up by you, hand crafted into reality by Demand.



Perhaps you have a Classic car that needs a bespoke exhaust befitting its unique status?DSC_0496

Some of our classic customers have brought in some very rare beasts indeed.

Triumph, Daimler, Wolesley, Scimitar, Lagonda, Austin Healy, Lotus, Aston Martin, MG, Vauxhall, Rover, Ford are a few that spring to mind.

Whats your flavour? Did you want the authentic appearance and sound? Do you fancy something that’s going to last as well as the car has? Rest assured our Exhaust Gurus can create something befitting your Classic.


DSC_0674Tuned? After a free flowing exhaust? Sports Cat? Equal length Manifold?

We’ve been building performance exhausts for years now. Our guys are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to ‘back pressure’ and ‘exhaust velocity’.

We can advise on the best bore size, the correct packing materials, and tailor the sound and volume of your performance exhaust. Perhaps we can help to ensure that you can pass the track day sound check at the same time.

We’ve built equal length race manifolds, full flowing race exhausts, and muffled noisy track cars and bikes. We’ve seen Maserati, Lotus, Audi, Radical, Westfield, BMW, Ford, Ducati and home built machines at our place in the search of an exhaust.


Our passions take us to all sorts of motor events, clubs, rally, clinics and shows and our interests reflect in our work. We build cars and bikes in our spare time.

Challenge us, we like it.