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First Steps into Production.. Codename: BOY

Here at Demand Engineering HQ, we are committed to pushing our business into the future.  Production exhaust systems are where we think we can succeed, but not just any old systems, we’re interested in something with an edge, i.e. something that other manufacturers don’t offer, a unique aspect to our systems.  Seeing as Our MD has been a Landy lover for some time, and there is a rather cult following for the brand, we thought that Land Rovers were the perfect place to start with our Production Development.

Justin Thorburn, a friend of the business, offered us his rather new and fabulous 110 County Station Wagon, and thus it began.



Now whereas other companies may offer a complete stainless system for the 110, we wanted to be different.  So we have developed ours in a very approachable way.  Our 110 system mirrors the OEM one almost exactly.  So if you need the front cat section, or would like a dummy de-cat pipe, then you can buy that part knowing that it will mate seamlessly onto the rest of the exhaust.  Should you wish to purchase a different mid section, perhaps straight though, perhaps with a small silencer, then that too will mate seamless with the rest of the OEM.

With our rear section we wanted to add value, so not only can you get the OEM or a 200tdi slash cut style, you can have a twin rear end as pictured.  And yes it will bolt straight to the OEM centre section.  So perhaps you don’t want to buy the whole thing?  Well just have the double rear end then.. sorted.  We think it looks rather smart.

If you’d like one yourself, then this will fit the Td5 110, and the 2.4tdci 110, and is available to order in our online shop.

Incidently whilst we were developing the exhaust we thought it might be beneficial to have the truck dyno’d before and after.  The results were rather interesting.  For instance, if you are looking to de-cat the 2.4 tdci, then you should look to have it remapped aswell, as the standard tune, and de-cat pipe results in a power loss of 4 Hp!  Give us a call if you are interested in what we found.