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Show/Car transporter trailer

Here at Demand Engineering we are often involved in rebuild projects of one kind or another, and the states of ‘undress’ that cars are brought to us in, vary dramatically. We often get asked if we can collect a vehicle, for the exhaust to be made, as the vehicle isn’t road worthy.  Sometimes the exhaust is the last thing to be thought of.

At the same time, we were also in need of some kind of Show stand for our fairly busy schedule.  After some deliberation, we came up with an idea to combine the two; not a seldom moved expensive show trailer, but a slightly magnificent Car transporter trailer.

First we purchased an Ifor Williams TB5521-353 Tilt bed trailer from Barnwell Trailers in Peterborough.


Confirming our suspicions, it was useful from the moment it arrived.. we fitted a winch and it was press-ganged into action.


A few days were spent working out the design of the frame, which had to be removable, and work with a canvas and show layout, and of course ended up being completely made of stainless steel.


Our friends over at Hugh Leeper swimming Pools and Tarpaulins then worked their magic in trendy blue and white.  We made the tables and displays in time for this years Helmingham Hall Car and Classic Show on the 2nd of August, and I have to say we are really rather pleased with the result.


Now it needs to earn its keep, so if your project needs moving to gets its exhaust done.  We can do it for you, whilst keeping everything nice and dry. #demandsorted.