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T25 Camper Water Cooled 4 into 1 by Dr. Dan

We’ve seen a few of these T25 Vw Campers in now, and like many owners Ricky Dorriety Cherishes his.  His original exhaust was a combination of OEM parts from different vehicles, and was badly corroded.  The process of removal was quite arduous, and we had two studs that snapped in the head.  These were expertly dealt with by our bolt whisperer Paul, and replaced with Time-serts, a solution that we believe is far superior to the heli-coil type thread inserts.  The Flanges were cut and the collector made in advance of the Job, and the exhaust system was crafted to be almost equal length, with a nice deep bass note.  Ricky was very pleased with the Job, another Suffolkbugrs V-dub sorted by Demand.