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Tubular Manifolds

DSC_0159[1]Although there is definitely a Science to designing an exhaust system, there is a certain art. At the start of the humble exhaust system, where the manifold is concerned, the synergy between art and science can be beautiful.

Performance gains from a tuned equal length, scavenging manifold, matched with the associated curves, bends and conjunctions of the pipework can have a dramatic and impressive appearance.

Building a manifold is a most satisfying process, and we take pride in it at Demand Engineering.

Calculations on Exhaust Duration, engine speed, Primary size, length are all factors that we take into account, to ensure that the design is the most appropriate for the engine and the application.


Exhaust Head Flanges are drawn in house to ensure the best accuracy, and then laser cut for a superior finish and reliability.

We have done Production runs, and we have built one offs, nothing phases us much.

We have built manifolds for many sorts of cars, let us quote for yours.