Demand Engineering makes exhausts, that’s what we do, and that’s all that we do, and we’ve been doing it since 2011.

We’d like to think that we’re getting pretty good at it, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Over the years we’ve been involved with some pretty special projects, in a wide variety of vehicles, from GT40 race cars to irreplaceable classics.  We’ve built exhausts for Boats, Bikes, Tractors, Buses, Supercars and even Aeroplanes. That doesn’t mean to say we haven’t done a fair few ‘normal’ cars as well, Subaru’s, VW’s, Fords, and seemingly endless Motor homes.  There’s been nothing I can think of that has phased us.

We work with all of our customers to give them what they want, I’d like to think that was kinda the point.   We’ve worked with Guy Martin on his Transit van, and with Universities with their ‘Formula Student’ cars.

Over the years, we’ve also become pretty adept at exhaust development.  We have designed, tested and manufactured exhausts for other companies, from specialist equipment to super cars.  With computer controlled Tube bending equipment, combined with our fixture tables, we can precisely replicate any design, over, and over again.

Land Rovers have been a big presence throughout the last 20 years, and it was only natural that we would end up focussing on building exhausts for them.  We’ll still look at other things occasionally, but we’ll be thinking about Land Rovers whilst we do!

One thing in common with all that we do, for every exhaust we make, , we offer the same level of care and attention, workmanship, materials and customer service.

Demand Attention and Performance.  It’s our name on the exhaust, and we’re proud of what that means.

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