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Ammunition in the Magazine

19th September 2019

One of the things we struggle a little with is getting our name out there.  Even though we’ve been doing this for 8 years now, we still get loads of people who say, ‘I never knew you were here!’..(usually followed with ‘Can you …?’)

So one of the things we’ve…


Have Car? Will Travel

16th March 2018

In November, my long suffering girlfriend and I went on a bit of a holiday, we both have family in New Zealand and shameful though it is to admit, my brother and his family have been out there for over four years, and I had yet to go and…


Its local and logical.

15th February 2018

Since we opened in 2011 we’ve been aware that one of our stables has been VW.  So its been obvious for us to advertise our expertise at some of the vw shows that park themselves in and around Suffolk.  When it became clear that we needed a loan car…


Special Equipment.

10th December 2017

When it comes to cars, no one quite does it like the Americans.  The USA does automobiles, like it does a lot of things.  BIG.  So of course the world of aftermarket automotive; the customising, tuning, painting, racing, and generally modifying of cars is much the same; BIG, its…

Demand Engineering ltd.
Stowmarket, Suffolk

Specialising in Land Rover Defenders We've been making performance Exhaust systems Since 2011 . #tigwelding #stainless #handmade #exhaustsystem #sound #power #bhp #roar #builtnotbought #passion #engineering #dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo