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Pre-War English Talbot Le Mans

11th November 2018

‘Cars that you can Google’  seems to be a term I used a few times this year.  The owners of this lovely beast would rather remain anonymous, but I can tell you a little bit about the car…

1931 Talbot 105  

Cars wearing the name of Talbot were made from 1903…

Custom Manifolds

English Endurance

11th August 2018

Its always fun to get involved with passionate people and the objects they spend large amounts of time and money building.  I only hope that we live up to our part of the story, and create an exhaust that more than compliments the build!

The White and Blue GT40 came…

Manifolds Production

Tractor Boys

18th March 2018

I’ve always liked the fact that Aston Martin was owned by legendary Tractor manufacturer David Brown.  I remember fondly the white and Orange Tractors from my Youth, and indeed my father to this day has a forklift powered by none other than an ancient David Brown diesel engine.  The…


Have Car? Will Travel

16th March 2018

In November, my long suffering girlfriend and I went on a bit of a holiday, we both have family in New Zealand and shameful though it is to admit, my brother and his family have been out there for over four years, and I had yet to go and…


Mucking about.

28th February 2018

There seems to be a special breed of car owner, well i’m certain they’re are several different species in fact.  The breed that I’m referring to in this case is the Land Rover owner.  Landie owners seem to belong to an secret club, they pass each other on the…

Custom Manifolds

Family Affair

30th September 2017

One of the things about doing this job that I find exciting is meeting the people and listening to the stories of their cars.  I suppose the soppy romantic part of me rather likes being invited to be part of the story.  One such vehicle is a rather splendid…

Custom Manifolds

Most Capable

30th July 2017

I was invited along some time ago to see a man in a shed.  Whilst not for everyone, I admit I can get quite excited about going to see a man in shed.  This particular man was Graham Tuner, and in his shed he had something rather nice, as…

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