2 German stars.

30th April 2018

Just before Christmas last year, we were happy to host two fast cars for some much needed exhaust work. A rather splendid pair of German dames.

The 591 bhp SLS GT had been booked in for secondary Cat removals in order to make things a little less restrictive and slightly fruitier.  You see the trouble is, these days everything is built to conform to standards, and a massive company like Daimler-Benz has, I’m guessing, to build every car to an unyielding overzealous-government-overseen-Euro-compliant-specification for the road.  This means that inevitably a car like the SLS will no doubt have to meet some of the same standards as a much more ‘normal’ car such as a Golf.  This then, means there is room for improvement when it comes to hearing that masterpiece of a V8, and of course thereby getting the ‘smiles’ that you paid for when you bought the car.  (In fact, I think ‘Grin’ factor is why a lot of our customers come knocking in the first place.)

At the same time, we were to see one of our regular customers turn

up with his new toy.  The C63 is another one of Stuttgart’s finest, and the owner had charged us to build him a complete system, that he and his wife would enjoy.  This is code for a valved system.  At the flick of a button (actually a key fob) he can change the exhaust from ‘peaceful’ to ‘passionate’.  This allows for stealth mode as I call it, and keeps the more reserved of us happy.


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