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Ammunition in the Magazine

19th September 2019

One of the things we struggle a little with is getting our name out there.  Even though we’ve been doing this for 8 years now, we still get loads of people who say, ‘I never knew you were here!’..(usually followed with ‘Can you …?’)

So one of the things we’ve tried recently is getting some publications involved.  Getting someone else to shout about your work sounds logical.. (and perhaps less Big -headed)

So Octane, Classic Land Rover, Land Rover Monthly, Practical Performance Cars so far have been to see us…

I thought it might be nice to add a page showing off what they wrote.  Have a look here


Demand Engineering ltd.
Stowmarket, Suffolk

Specialising in Land Rover Defenders We've been making performance Exhaust systems Since 2011 . #tigwelding #stainless #handmade #exhaustsystem #sound #power #bhp #roar #builtnotbought #passion #engineering #dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo