Touch of ASBO about you Sirs?!

Custom Land Rover
7th March 2019

An Exhaust system on a road car is inevitably, always a compromise.  The restrictions of comfort and legislation tend to make for a slightly different design than if you were building one for out and out performance.  Indeed these days, even with motorsport, an exhaust has to conform to volume levels in order to run a certain track or competition.

So where does a young (at heart) hooligan go if he wants the best of both worlds?  Perhaps he (or she) wants to use their transport for the weekday 4 a.m. commute and then burn up the track at the weekend..  In the world of custom exhausts, we can suggest having a valved system.  With a little push of button, an exhaust will turn from ‘stealth’ into ‘ASBO’…

Land Rovers aswell?  Sure, why not.

The first is our friend Trevor Cuthbert’s own recent and rare acquisition..  a factory 2.8i BMW powered 90, of which I have to say is the fastest and most fun Defender I have driven yet.  Trevor tasked us with building a full manifold back system, with new Catalyst and valved silencer.  The sound of the ‘ASBO’ mode is epic!

He kindly wrote about and photographed the experience in Land Rover Monthly.

When he’s not being a young hooligan, Trevor spends his time reviving tired Land Rovers, fitting chassis and making them better-than-ever, you can reach him over at



Td5 Tunes?

The second coal burning Land Rover is actually one of Trevor’s customers, and illustrates the sound that can be produced from the humble Td5 Land Rover engine.  This one has a full 3″ Stainless system with Valve.  The 3″ tubework improves the gas flow no end, and allows the sound out, but at the touch of a button there is dramatically less volume, no drone, and suddenly you can hear yourself think.  This Particular 110 is off to have a trick turbo fitted, so i’ll be interested to hear how it sounds and goes after that.  The Video shows the little wireless keyfob remote that comes with the kit, everyone likes a button to fiddle with!


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