Airshaft for Submarines

Custom Land Rover
11th September 2018

A friend of Mine, Rob has a passion for racing.  Well, I have a few friends like that.  I should say that, this particular friend, is a gifted engineer for a local Agricultural Engineering outfit, and that he has, in his spare time, built a Tomcat off road racer, and it’s a beast!  In true subtle fashion, his is painted bright orange.  It’s powered by a tuned Td5 Land Rover Engine, running with modified axles, and all the kit.  It’s an absolute credit to Rob.

We’ve been involved with all the cooling pipework on it, the exhaust of course, and now the snorkel.  Interestingly, I searched for the history of ‘Snorkel’ and it seems to have originated in World War 2 with German Submarines… seems pretty recent to me, but I love the context of an ‘Airshaft for Submarines’   after all, it does exactly what it says on the tin. ☺

I have to thank Rob for lending us his bright Orange Beastie for shows this year, its been fun, although I’m still waiting for an invitation to feel it in action!


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