Sing Sally!

5th January 2018

There’s new cars, sitting at the showroom with less miles on them than the 2017 Mustang that turned up to DE headquarters last year, with all of 170 fresh miles on the clock.  The owner, Carl had picked up the car on the Monday, and driven to us from Brighton the following Wednesday.  He had originally booked his car in for some back boxes, but in the thick of it, he went the whole hog, and opted for a full system.  The 5.0 ltr v8 engine seems to be a little tame in the exhaust department, and as this car was destined to be used as wedding vehicle, Carl wanted the exhaust to have a little bit more ‘ta dah!’ so that his clients would appreciate their special day more.  Needless to say, we helped unleash the v8 sound, and he drove back to Brighton a happy man.  He even sent us a rather nice letter. #makesmeproud

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