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30th July 2017

I was invited along some time ago to see a man in a shed.  Whilst not for everyone, I admit I can get quite excited about going to see a man in shed.  This particular man was Graham Tuner, and in his shed he had something rather nice, as it turns out.

Some men are made to drive cars, and others are made to build them as well.  Graham is one of those special types of people who can seemingly turn his hand to anything.  I was invited into his shed to meet the GT40 replica that he built, and races.  After many years of pounding the track, Graham had just had the engine rebuilt,  and was now in need of a new exhaust system to complete the job.

I am very proud of what we came up with for him, and he kindly let us use his car at the Helmingham Hall Classic car show.  Maybe we’ll see him again when the Porsche 917 he also built needs a new exhaust.

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