Have Car? Will Travel

16th March 2018

In November, my long suffering girlfriend and I went on a bit of a holiday, we both have family in New Zealand and shameful though it is to admit, my brother and his family have been out there for over four years, and I had yet to go and see them.  Even more shameful, I have a niece who is three, that I had never met.  26000 miles is  a pretty long way to go, and one has to decide whether to travel west or east around the planet.  I always try to be efficient where possible and an old friend who lives in Los Angeles, would give me the excuse to travel west, and catch up with him aswell.

Of course, nearly all of my friends are avid car fanatics, and my buddy Robin is possibly the biggest.  When we were at school together, we used to spend a lot of time playing racing simulations, and then when we got old enough, there was a lot of time mucking about in our first cars.  In fact, I think he still owes me a few miles, in lieu of my driving us around in my little VW Breadvan Polo for the majority of our sixth form.  (although I think he would suggest I nearly killed us a couple of times)

So what do two old car fanatics do when in LA?  Well we’d better visit the Peterson Auto Museum then.

The pictures don’t quite do it justice, of particular note, the artwork on the custom cars was amazing, and the Bugatti exhibition was sublime.  Mclaren, Ferrari, Ford, Famous Film cars, you name it, it was there.  A truely great place to visit, and I’d rank it with both the Porsche and Mercedes Museums in Stuttgart.

I had to have my picture taken with my two favorite Jag’s; Steve McQueen’s XKSS and the XJ220.

It was almost a shame to leave and head to NZ. 😉



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19th September 2019

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15th February 2018

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