Wet and Sideways

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5th December 2017

For a couple of years now we have been asked to help out the Guys of the ‘Formula Student’ race team at De Montford University.  Each year the team, consisting of final year students, has to design and build a race car.  Teams from around the world enter the race event held at Silverstone.  Sounds like a pretty exciting thing to be involved with, and always makes me think I did the wrong degree. Anyway, its always been easy for me to talk about cars and engineering, so of course it was fairly natural for me to help guide the team with an exhaust design for their next car.

In previous years, we have let the students loose in workshop, but due to time constraints, Jack was on hand to build it for them.  Come race time, the team did much better than in previous years, and are keen to keep improving.  We’ll keep egging them on.

The icing on the cake was the sponsors day that the team organised, when we got to try out the car for ourselves.  Wet and sideways, what a fun day at work!




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