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10th December 2017

When it comes to cars, no one quite does it like the Americans.  The USA does automobiles, like it does a lot of things.  BIG.  So of course the world of aftermarket automotive; the customising, tuning, painting, racing, and generally modifying of cars is much the same; BIG, its massive.  Its estimated to be worth in the region of $300bn, that’s huge!  Now in order to showcase all this talent, there has to be a big show, don’t you think?

I would forgive you if you’d never heard of the SEMA show in Las Vegas, I certainly hadn’t until about five years ago.  A good friend of mine in the industry invited me along to exhibit some of the manifolds we were making at the time, and selling through him.  Wow! its an eye opener.  I think I’m right in saying that SEMA (which stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association) is one of, if not the biggest trade aftermarket car and parts shows in the world.  It seems to span the entirety of the 73 acre Las Vegas Convention centre, and it runs for 4 days.


I was invited back for 2017, amazingly the fourth time I have been.  I am still stunned



by the size of the thing.  The sun was shining and much Vegas fun was to be had.  Of course there was some business as well. 😉



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