Custom Land Rover

Touch of ASBO about you Sirs?!

7th March 2019

An Exhaust system on a road car is inevitably, always a compromise.  The restrictions of comfort and legislation tend to make for a slightly different design than if you were building one for out and out performance.  Indeed these days, even with motorsport, an exhaust has to conform to…

Custom Manifolds

Pre-War English Talbot Le Mans

11th November 2018

‘Cars that you can Google’  seems to be a term I used a few times this year.  The owners of this lovely beast would rather remain anonymous, but I can tell you a little bit about the car…

1931 Talbot 105  

Cars wearing the name of Talbot were made from 1903…

Custom Land Rover

Airshaft for Submarines

11th September 2018

A friend of Mine, Rob has a passion for racing.  Well, I have a few friends like that.  I should say that, this particular friend, is a gifted engineer for a local Agricultural Engineering outfit, and that he has, in his spare time, built a Tomcat off road racer,…

Custom Manifolds

English Endurance

11th August 2018

Its always fun to get involved with passionate people and the objects they spend large amounts of time and money building.  I only hope that we live up to our part of the story, and create an exhaust that more than compliments the build!

The White and Blue GT40 came…

Land Rover Production

‘Demand’ Land Rover Performance.

1st May 2018

Launching in May 2018!!

After years of development and testing, we are proud to be finally releasing our Land Rover performance exhaust designs to you guys and gals.

Launching at the highly anticipated ‘Land Rover Legends’ show on the 26th and 27th of May. We’ll be having a special competition to…


2 German stars.

30th April 2018

Just before Christmas last year, we were happy to host two fast cars for some much needed exhaust work. A rather splendid pair of German dames.

The 591 bhp SLS GT had been booked in for secondary Cat removals in order to make things a little less restrictive and slightly…

Manifolds Production

Suffolk’s Infamous Cat

30th March 2018

I’m certain I’m not alone in having ‘Pedestal’ cars that live, only in my dream garage.  For my personal taste, this includes various, mostly classic exotica; SL190, DB3, XJ220, XKSS and of course the Jaguar C Type.  (I likes my classic Jags me)  So it has been a pleasure…

Manifolds Production

Tractor Boys

18th March 2018

I’ve always liked the fact that Aston Martin was owned by legendary Tractor manufacturer David Brown.  I remember fondly the white and Orange Tractors from my Youth, and indeed my father to this day has a forklift powered by none other than an ancient David Brown diesel engine.  The…

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